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Hillel Ontario strives for excellence in student engagement. This means that excellent Hillels engage meaningfully with the majority of Jewish students on campus.

Extensive studies on campuses throughout the global Hillel movement consistently identify talent acquisition and development as the single greatest variable in meeting Hillel’s standard for excellence in student engagement.

Findings also support that lower staff to student ratios lead to an increase in the breadth of student engagement and that every new hire leads to at least 180 student engagements that would otherwise never come to be.

Hillel is a relationship-based business. Investing in the people who build those relationships is a no-brainer.

“Rabbi Julia has been a mentor to me over the past year at Hillel. She has helped me reconnect to Judaism by taking time to understand me. Most importantly, she has fostered a space that inspires me to work to create a community where everyone can feel supported, included and heard.”

- Rebecca, U of T student

When Hillel Ontario has achieved excellence, Jewish students engaged by Hillel will:

  • Feel ownership of their Jewish life
  • Confidently create Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers
  • Access further Jewish experiences and growth opportunities
  • Be connected to a community of Jewish friends
  • Build a relationship with Israel, the Jewish homeland
  • Access leadership opportunities on campus, and within their local communities

The Silber Family has generously donated $1,000,000 to Hillel Ontario in matching dollars and catalyzed a conversation about the need to invest in people.

the most valuable asset for the future of the jewish community is our people.