it's not about
the chicken.

“At McMaster, the Hillel community is a very united and strong one, and Judith's constant work to make the community as open and welcoming as possible is largely the reason for this. She makes time for each individual student, always asking how she can help, and her positivity, enthusiasm for Jewish life on campus, and simply her care, is what gives many students the desire to be more involved. I feel so blessed to have Judith at McMaster.

- Max, McMaster Student

To strengthen the global Jewish future, Hillel needs dedicated and passionate professionals who inspire students to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel.

Hillel Ontario is the largest regional Hillel in the world, inspiring Jewish students across nine schools. With one exception, each university has more than 1000 Jewish students on campus.

Hillel cannot possibly reach the number of students required to achieve excellence in student engagement with solo professionals.

Increasing the number of high quality campus professionals significantly impacts number and quality of Jewish encounters.

Think about it this way...in most cases, the professionals ARE the program and, therefore, the most influential factor in a student’s experience with Hillel.