Adam Minksy

President and CEO of UJA Federation

Adam Minsky is the President and CEO of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. He is a 46-year-old leader who is a product of the Canadian Jewish Federation movement.

Adam’s leadership extends well past Toronto’s borders, as he played an integral role in the founding of many important national initiatives including the creation of the Canada Israel Experience and its Birthright Israel programs.

For more than a decade, Adam has dedicated himself to strengthening the strategic impact of UJA Federation through its network of local, national and international agencies. Most recently, Adam led the development of UJA Federation’s Strategic Plan, which outlines an exciting vision for the future of UJA Federation.

In 2013, Adam was honoured to receive the Gordon Wolfe Award for Professional Leadership in recognition of his ability to lead with vision, integrity, Jewish values and humility.

Adam is married to Heidi Brown, a Toronto lawyer, and they have three children.